The CHILD FRIENDLY SCHOOL in Chhandwal village of Banikodar block was established with the support of community members in July 2005. With our own resources the organisation is running this school for last 12 years for children coming from underprivileged families from nearby communities. The education is totally free for all children & the school is registered under the Basic Education Department, Government of UP. Every year approx. 250 children benefitted from this school. The School is established in the past with the support of community member, who had contributed in establishing this school. Through the school we are trying to contribute our bit towards the growth of our nation.





In last few years we have initiated in developing child protection systems in the city of Barabanki. In the same regard, BUAGSS is partnering with CHILDLINE INDIA FOUNDATION & running a CHILDLINE Sub-Centre in Banikodar block of Barabanki. CHILDLINE is a toll free emergency phone outreach service to help children in difficult circumstances. On a monthly basis, we receive 20 to 30 calls to help children lost found in different circumstances. A dedicated team of passionate social workers reached out to these children & help them to take out from vulnerable situations.Currently in the absence of Collaborative organisation in Barabanki, BUAGSS is also performing functions on the behalf of Collaborative organization with our own resources. Through the CHILDLINE, BUAGSS exists to serve all those children who were either orphan, specially challenged, working on the streets, trafficked, missing or in child labour.


UP FOOD BANK Barabanki-

What makes a child beg? The answer is the belief that each pair of hands is made to earn food for its mouth. Considering this belief to be the root of child labour, BUAGSS is partnering with Ehsaas in UP Food Bank Project for Barabanki. The food bank gathers ration from volunteering individuals, resident welfare societies and corporate to help families in need. In return, the beneficiary family has to promise that it would send its child to school and not make him or her work. Barabanki food bank is launched on 28th of October 2017. More than 100 beneficiaries have been identified and received ration on this occasion.


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