Child Line


Run by Basic Uthan Avam Gramin Sewa Sansthan Barabanki


CHILDLINE 1098 in Barabanki:

  • Since March 2015, BUAGSS is running a CHILDLINE Sub-Centre service in BaniKodar block of Barabanki to provide emergency outreach services to children found in difficult circumstances.
  • Organisation is well equipped with young enthusiastic team.
  • BUAGSS has also taken a responsibility of collab centre since 30th March 2017 in Barabanki.

Key Activities undertaken by Sub Centre Barabanki:

  • Providing emergency need based help: Team is providing immediate need based help to children comes into the contact.
  • Providing medical and nutrition: Team has establishied good coordination with different departments in order to provide necessary medical help and nutrition to children found in various situations.
  • Providing protection to children: Children found on streets, orphans, abused sexually or found in child labor are being produced before CWC within 24 hours. They are provided with shelter or protection as ordered by the CWC.
  • 321 children are provided with various need based helps during the period of April 2017 to March 2018.
  • Outreach Programs: Team is regularly organizing awareness and outreach programs to aware public about CHILDLINE 1098 services. We are organizing these programs in various locations prone with child protection issues such as: Railway stations, Bus stations, slums, Hotel and Dhabas and Religious places.
  • We are also creating awareness in locations prone to child labor issues such as Factories, Brick Fields, Construction sites etc.

 During the year 2017-18, 350 Open houses, 480 Community meetings, 120 interactions at Schools, 95 other meetings with various organizations and NGOs and 260 meetings in small groups were organized by Sub Centre Barabanki.Data of children rescued with different interventions in last 1 year

  • We are working in roaster to organize awareness programs & identifying children in need of care & protection.
  • Open meetings are being organized to protect children from domestic violence and abuse situations.
  • Through open meetings we reached out to those children who need emergency help for medical, nutrition & protection from different abuses.
  • School outreach and awareness programs: Sub-Centre is regularly organizing awareness programs in 20 to 25 schools in a month, the objective of these kinds of programs are to aware children about services provided through 1098 & to bring confidence among the children on various protection issues.
  • Long with other helplines, 1098 CHILDLINE no is displayed in all thanas, other related information is also displayed in thanas.

Meetings with Stakeholder’s:

  • Every month we are meeting with SJPU for coordination & convergence.
  • More than 10 Police-Children Interface programs are being organized by Sub Centre during the year. In which SP, ASP, SJPU, CWPOs, and representatives of DCPU, CWC, AJK, Labour deptt, Education deptt, and ICDS department are participated. Children are provided with tips for their safety during these programs.
  • Meetings with Anganwadi Workers: CHILDLINE team is regularly organizing fourtnitly & monthly meetings with all AWWs of Banikodar block. During the meetings we discussed the issues comes under their knowledge regarding child protection. They are all aware about CHILDLINE services during these meetings.
  • Orientation of ASHA Bahus: Monthly meetings are also conducted by CHILDLINE team with ASHAs of Banikodar block in block CHC. During the meetings they were oriented with 1098 CHILDLINE nos & other issues related to child protection.
  • Meetings and orientations with Panchayat Secretary, Development Officer, Pradhans & Panchayat representatives: Regular meetings & orientations were also organized with Panchayat Secretary, Dos, Pradhans & Panchayat representatives and with their team members. They were all aware about 1098 services. During these meetings several issues of child labor has been came into our knowledge & necessary actions were also taken on those issues.
  • Coordination meetings were also organized on need based with CWC, JJB, DPO, DCPU, SJPU and labor department.
  • BAL MITRA (Volunteer): We have established a cadre of 30 volunteers as BAL MITRA in Banikodar block of Barabanki.
  • They are all trained on issues of children and are aware about functioning and services provided by CHILDLINE.
  • They are also sensitized through KOMAL on child sexual abuse.
  • Child Assistance Booth: The Volunteers created by Sub Centre has initited Child assistance booths in their respective villages in order to provide emergency assistance to children who are in need of care & protection.
  • These booths are established in their homes or at places provided in community halls etc.
  • In these booths, toys & games were arranged along with story reading books & books on various govt. schemes. Also the space is enough to have small meetings with stakeholders.
  • At some booths awareness meetings on 1098 CHILDLINE services are held & people are oriented about the purpose.

Association with Swatch Bharat Mission: Several programs were also organized with children in order to make them aware about health and hygine. Various rallies were also organized. They are motivated towards maintain personal hygine through cutting nails, regular haircuts etc. On Clenlines, poster competition was also organized at slum area of Banikodar block.

Sponsorships for orphan and other children in need: We have found and identified 73 children who lost their parents at early age. They are now living with either of their relatives. Their relatives are also not economically sound, due to that they are also facing problems in order to provide them proper care and facilities. Team CHILDLINE is regularly raising and provding sponsorships for their fooding, clothing & other needs. We are also looking sponsorships for education of these children.

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